Advanced Automatic Vehicle Crash Notification Using GSM Technology

By | August 26, 2013

In our busy day to day life, due to lack of quality of the parts of our vehicles or due to our hurry or due to some other reason, accident may take place. Even though we have advanced medical equipment, we are unable to save many of lives. Why because we are not getting information about the accident location in right time. Our system works for this.


We are implementing GPS and GSM applications for detecting and sending messages. Even though our government is providing instant medical support for the accident victims, there are some cases where it fails to arrive or may arrive lately to the spot. Our circuit overcomes this problem. Whenever an accident occurs our circuit senses it. The GPS unit present in it spots the location and GSM unit will send the location to the mobile numbers (eg. 108, police station and to family members no). This provides a smart way to detect the location where accident occurred.

Software requirements

• Keil software

Hardware requirements

• GPS modem

• GSM modem

• Microcontroller

• RS232

• Vibration Sensors


Block Diagram




Whenever an accident occur the vibration sensors detects the vibrations and sends the signal to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then activates the GSM unit and the GSM unit sends the information which is given by the GPS unit to the mobile numbers present in EEPROM of the circuit.


To minimize the deaths and the severe conditions due to accidents, the GPS and GSM technologies are used where the immediate action would be taken by the ambulance/ police service which might reduce the severity


  • The vehicle which has met with an accident can be identified by using the tracking without any delay.
  • The immediate medication would be provided to the accident victims in the remote areas.
  • The system contains low cost components easily available which cuts down the overall system cost.


  • The system functionality is based on GSM technology so the technological constraints must be kept in mind.
  • In some places where there is no provision for GSM network it is difficult for communication
  • The system is vulnerable to power failure but this disruption can be avoided by attaching the voltage source thus allowing users to avail the great advantage of this system.


The vehicle accident detection system can be used in cars, two wheelers. This provides a smart way to detect the location where accident occurred.


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