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8051 microcontroller based Intelligent Home Automation System

ABSTRACT Here is a circuit through which a fan can be linearly controlled automatically, depending on the room temperature along with that it controls two light sources like CFL / Fluorescent Lamp using light intensity and motion sensing. The circuit is highly efficient as it uses a digital temperature sensor temperature measurement, a PIR sensor… Read More »

8051 Based Automatic School Bell /College Bell Control System

Automatic Bell Control ABSTRACT Now a day’s automation is becoming crucial in human life as it reduce the human efforts. Similarly, time is also important in individual’s life to achieve success. The Automatic BELL project takes over the task of Ringing of the Bell in school/colleges and replaces the Manual Switching of the Bell in the… Read More »

Finger Print Based Authenticated Controlling Of Devices

Introduction: This project is developed for a better authentication method than just a password for access to critical information. If one wants to set up a more secure environment for your employees and assets. For higher security – fingerprint recognition technique is implemented for authentication. Fingerprint recognition provides a great solution for the purpose of… Read More »

Microcontroller based LED Mood Lamp

LED Mood Lamp  Abstract: This paper describes the high power led mood lamp which is used to produce different colors. Different colors are produced using Pulse width modulation. Varying the pulse width, one can produce millions of color combinations using only the three basic colors – Red, Green, Blue. Technical aspects: The high power led… Read More »

Online Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based On GSM SMS and Zigbee

Code: EMB IEEE10008 Online Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based On GSM SMS and Zigbee  Abstract  In this paper a portable wireless data logging system for temperature monitoring in real time process dynamics, Temperature variations should be recorded so that a control action can take place at a defined set point. This… Read More »

Implementation of Traffic Control System through Intensity Measurement Using Embedded System

  Abstract: Interest in ITS comes from the problems caused by traffic congestion and a synergy of new information technology for simulation, real-time control, and communications networks. Traffic congestion has been increasing worldwide as a result of increased motorization, urbanization, population growth, and changes in population density. Congestion reduces efficiency of transportation infrastructure and increases… Read More »