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  1. arogya reddy


    If u dont mine can you send me the circuit diagram and c code for the following project

    RC5 Protocol Decoding with 8051 microcontroller (Embedded C).

    my email id is:

    with regards,
    Arogya reddy.G

  2. chandar

    can u plz send the software details or the code of project 18 in “Embedded Projects” tag. the project is titled “GPS based border alert system for fishermen with boat speedometer”.

    actually i need to know the detailed process of how to compare online GPS data with border location in microcontroller

    1. ProEmbSys Technologies, Post author

      In this case you have to get data from GPS receiver and continuously check it’s closeness with predefined virtual border. i.e. compare with database values.
      Where you can send current location to Server and it response back with alert if it is nearby boarder as well as directions.


  3. Rahul Marathe

    Can Proteus software simulate R305 fingerprint module,if not can we add new components to the pre existing library of Proteus..My project is Biometric Fingerprint Attendance System Using avr..

  4. Rahul Marathe

    If possible can you Also send the Embedded C Code for the project


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