MATLAB Project List

By | August 10, 2013

M.Tech/M.E./B.Tech./B.E. MATLAB Projects :

MATLAB/DSP/DIP Project List:

  1. Robust feature based image watermarking process
  2. A new approach for image segmentation using pillar k-means algorithm
  3. Image retrieval using both color and texture features
  4. A New Approach For Lossless Visible Watermarking
  5. Automatic image segmentation using wavelets
  6. Block based feature level multi focus image fusion
  7. A moving target detection algorithm based on the dynamic background
  8. Reversible data hiding Based on histogram modification of pixel Differences
  9. Image enhancement and noise removal using bilateral filter
  10. Adaptive Bilateral Filter for Sharpness Enhancement and Noise Removal
  11. An Indian Coin Recognition using Image Subtraction Technique
  12. Comparison and Improvement of wavelet based image fusion
  13. Video watermarking using discrete wavelet transforms
  14. Morphological processing for color images
  15. Video enhancement using spatial filtering method
  16. A Spatial Median filter for noise removal in digital images
  17. Bus passenger counting based on frame difference and improved Hough transform
  18. A method for detecting pedestrians in video surveillance scenes
  19. Artifact removal from EEG signals using adaptive filters in cascade
  20. Morphological image processing approach on the detection of tumor and cancer cells
  21. Wavelet based palm print authentication system
  22. Face Tracking in real time videos
  23. Vehicle detection, tracking and classification in urban traffic
  24. Surveillance Video Denoising Based on Background Modeling
  25. A Fast Image Compression Algorithm Based on SPIHT
  26. IRIS Recognition Using Neural Network
  27. A Lossless Data Compression and Decompression Algorithm
  28. Human Motion Detection in video Surveillance
  29. Infrared Image enhancement using AWT
  30. Implementation of Fingerprint Recognition
  31. A Wavelet approach for Edge Detection
  32. Image denoising using discrete wavelet transformation
  33. Image compression using different types of wavelets
  34. EEG signal denoising for removing ocular artifacts using wavelets



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