GSM Security System

By | August 24, 2013

Security is primary concern for everyone. There are many ways to provide security at homes or in industries. But what if the security is assured irrespective of the person is inside or outside the house. This Project describes a design of effective security alarm system that can monitor the house with different  sensors using GSM modem. Home Security System is a security system using wireless concept that monitors the status of each sensor continuously. This project is mainly useful in homes, industries etc to
continuously safeguard homes and industries. The main aim of this project is to provide security to the homes using GSM technology. The security system contains various sensors like reed switches which serve as door sensors, vibration sensor, temperature (LM35), IR transmitter and receiver, LDE-LDR pair,fire and gas sensors. The system continuously monitors the output of all these sensors and if any of the sensors trigger, the controlling unit immediately identifies the change in the output of the sensor and sends the predefined message to the user mobile through GSM modem and also alerts the buzzer. This project  not only provides security to the houses but also allows the user to control the electrical appliances in the house. The electrical appliances like lights, fan, TV etc can be operated just by sending predefined messages to the modem.


1. Keil uVision IDE.
2. Proload Program Burner Tool.

1. Microcontroller AT89S52.
2. GSM modem SIM300
3. MAX232
4. Sensors- temperature (LM35), gas, fire, reed switches, vibration, LED-LDR pair, IR
transmitter and receiver
5. Buzzer and driver circuit
6. LCD

Programming Language: Embedded C.

Block Diagram:






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