8051 Based Automatic School Bell /College Bell Control System

By | November 30, 2013

Automatic Bell Control


Now a day’s automation is becoming crucial in human life as it reduce the human efforts. Similarly, time is also important in individual’s life to achieve success. The Automatic BELL project takes over the task of Ringing of the Bell in school/colleges and replaces the Manual Switching of the Bell in the College/school. When time equals to the Bell Ringing time then the Relay for the Bell is switched on for a predetermined time. We can edit the Bell Ringing time any Time so it can be used at Normal Class Timings and even at Exam Times.

In this LCD display is used for Real time clock display. Keypad is used for editing the schedule for ringing the bell. Through this keypad input will go to EEPROM in which this schedule will be stored for ringing the bell. Based on the micro-controller programming relay will operate and which in turn will switch on the bell for specified amount of time. The Microcontroller AT89S52 helps to control all the Functions to get the time by the keypad that stores in its Memory.


Block Diagram:





Circuit Diagram:

college bell
Download Schematic and Code
here ASB.zip

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