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About ProEmbSys Technologies,

ProEmbSys Technologies is a company that deals with Software Technologies as well as Electronic components, wireless modules, evaluation and development kits for industrial and commercial embedded applications.
Our goal is to provide one stop solution to help designers and developers to realise their designs in rapid and affordable manner.
We also provides Electronics Projects to students in various domains such as Embedded, VLSI ,MATLAB with various technologies GPS, GSM, GPRS, RFID, DTMF, ZigBee ,Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Solar, Ultrasonic, Robotics, Biometrics as well as sales Electronics Components, Different types of Embedded Boards which are cheaper, better and reliable. The company also provides a home automation electronics gadgets, Vehicle tracking system, Agriculture motor control using DTMF technology.

Online Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based On GSM SMS and Zigbee

Code: EMB IEEE10008 Online Monitoring System of Temperature of Conductors and Fittings Based On GSM SMS and Zigbee  Abstract  In this paper a portable wireless data logging system for temperature monitoring in real time process dynamics, Temperature variations should be recorded so that a control action can take place at a defined set point. This… Read More »

Implementation of Traffic Control System through Intensity Measurement Using Embedded System

  Abstract: Interest in ITS comes from the problems caused by traffic congestion and a synergy of new information technology for simulation, real-time control, and communications networks. Traffic congestion has been increasing worldwide as a result of increased motorization, urbanization, population growth, and changes in population density. Congestion reduces efficiency of transportation infrastructure and increases… Read More »

MATLAB Project List with Abstract

*************************************************************************** Robust feature based image watermarking process : Abstract  : A digital image watermarking scheme must be robust against a variety of possible attacks. A robust digital image watermarking scheme that combines image feature extraction and image normalization is proposed. The goal is to resist both geometric distortion and signal processing attacks.Here used feature extraction… Read More »

DTMF based Home automation

Abstract: This project demonstrates a novel method which enables users to control their home appliances and systems from remote using a phone-based interface. To access the control unit, the user should send an authentication code (DTMF) along with the required/desired function/action to his/her home control system via telephone or cell phone. Upon being properly authenticated,… Read More »

Microcontroller Based Automatic Car Parking System

Microcontroller Based Automatic Car Parking System  : Abstract : Automatic car parking system is very good substitute for managing car parking area. Since in modern world, where space has become a very big problem and in the era of miniaturization it’s become a very crucial necessity to avoid the wastage of space in modern, big… Read More »

VLSI Project List

VLSI  Projects for M.Tech./M.E./B.Tech./B.E./Diploma Students : VLSI projects List : BUS PROTOCOLS PROJECTS AMBA 1. AMBA AHB full 2. AHB Master 3. AHB Slave PCI EXPRESS 1. PCI Express full 2. Data Link Layer Receiver Block. 3. Physical Layer Receiver Block. 4. Transaction Layer Receiver Block. 5. Data Link Layer Sequence Number Check. 6. Data… Read More »

MATLAB Project List

M.Tech/M.E./B.Tech./B.E. MATLAB Projects : MATLAB/DSP/DIP Project List: Robust feature based image watermarking process A new approach for image segmentation using pillar k-means algorithm Image retrieval using both color and texture features A New Approach For Lossless Visible Watermarking Automatic image segmentation using wavelets Block based feature level multi focus image fusion A moving target detection… Read More »